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Domenic Hartmann


Domenic Hartmann is a fashion & beauty photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. He was born and raised in a little town in Vorarlberg, Austria. At the age of 11 he already discovered his passion for photography and began teaching himself how to take pictures and edit them in Photoshop.

Since 2013 he is working as a professional photographer with his focus on fashion, beauty and people photography. His clients are various magazines and brands.

+49 211 518 00 00 1





Happy Clients


DNA Magazine, ADON Magazine, Elléments Magazine, Elegant Magazine, VOLANT Magazine, PUMP Magazine, Die Vorarlbergerin, KALTBLUT Magazin, TRASH Magazine, ….

Fashion Labels

Michalsky Berlin, WAPO Wear, Lunch Underwear, PUMP Underwear, Rebékka Ruetz, You Know You Want it, …


Amann Scheren, Jo Weil, Ben Hyven, …